Technical & Business Consulting Services

NEMISYS™ is dedicated to developing services and solutions that give your business the necessary agility, versatility and scalability for growth synergy.

Information Technology

We provide Information Technology services to modernize your business with the tools you need to succeed in today's Information Age.

Network Engineering

We provide Network Engineering services specifically designed and tailored to satisfy your needs, and optimize your return on investment.

Hardware & Devices

We provide custom Hardware & Device services that include custom electronics, computers, and micro-datacenters that put you in control.

Business Consulting

We provide Business Consulting services that comprise decades of experience in technology and a wide range of sectors with a focus on growth.

Start-Up & Project Development

We provide that big business form and function to entrepreneurs, start-ups, and small businesses through optimized services and solutions.

Business Development

Growth is the primary objective for any business, and for a business to realize it's full growth potential it must be structured and prepared for growth.

Contracting & Outsourcing

As a business grows, the ability to contract and outsource is crucial to maintaining and continuing that growth as internal resources become strained.

Technology Transfer

The U.S. Government makes major invests into new and emerging technologies every year, which later become available through Technology Transfer Programs.

Consulting & Contracting Services

We work with innovators, experts, and professionals from specified industries to produce application specific services and solutions.

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